Garnet Fold Practice

PPG (Patient Participation Group) Meeting Minutes


Date: 16th March 2016


Present: Patients: FT, TJ, FS, DF, MH, NC


Apologies: NB, AH



Patients welcomed and thanked for being a part of our PPG.

Discussed our achievements for 2015/2016.

  1. Telephone triage

        Telephone triage service was introduced since last meeting to provide patients with a better service. This saves patients coming into the surgery for minor ailments etc, but also offers a responsive service to patients needs i.e., emergencies, children etc.

        Patients felt service was good. Doctor Ghaie discussed 73 triages was made on Monday alone, and that it would have been impossible to appoint all those people.

        Hopefully by offering this service it reduces patients using A&E, 111, and other services.

        Patients felt the service was a good idea.

        Discussed patients that DNA (did not attend), especially pre-booked appointments.


  1. GP Trainer

Dr Akram explained he has commenced on the GP trainers course to enable him to become a GP trainer. He explained we may get a junior doctor to train at the Practice. This would benefit the Practice bringing new ideas.


  1. CQC Inspection

Discussed this was carried out in October 2015 where independent members visited our Practice to inspect work we carried out including our Policies. We were very pleased with the results. A report is available on our website and displayed in the waiting rooms.




  1. Bolton Quality Contract

Introduced in April last year to try and improve services (reduce A&E admissions, reduce prescribing waste, provide equality for all Bolton residents).

        Discussed lots of indicators for us to try and achieve.

        We received extra money for more staff hours for us to be able to work on various issues i.e., A&E attendance, reducing prescribing (wasted medication). Employed a pharmacist to achieve this.

        GP practices put in group clusters figures show our Practice is doing well.


  1. Extension & Renovation

It was explained to the group the work that was needed to be done to provide extra surgeries, to improve access for patients including disabled access and a lift to the first floor, and to provide better conditions for patients and staff in line with requirements.

Patients were taken on a tour of the new rooms at the Practice.


  1. Targets 2016/2017 - discussed

        Completion of extension

        Trainee expected August/September

        Introduction of patients accessing medical records on-line (will only see coded entry)

        Booking appointments on-line extended for bloods etc

        GP federation joining together to see if can make things easier. 7-day access discussed

        Dr Rajpura doing an extra session on Wednesday.

        Expanding surgeries on Mondays.


Patients were asked for preferred point of contact where majority preferred post.


We thank you for attending and being part of the group